• TROPICAL CHIC MEETS... Affordability, and some very envious neighbors.

    The BRWW Bali Boat Wood Island Collection begins in the forested volcanic mountains of Bali, where local teak is used to build the brightly colored fishing boats that are a common and necessary part of life.  Traditionally, when these colorful boats become unseaworthy, they are simply burned as firewood. Our supplier steps in to save this exceptional wood to be recreated and redefined into furniture with a unique finish and patina.

    You will not find a more unique statement piece than our Bali Boat Wood dining set. Complete with it's own rich history before it enters your space, this set includes the following.

    Enjoy our unique reclaimed Bali Boat Wood Dining Tables. These one-of-a-kind tables are made  from recycled decommissioned fishing boats. Each piece is unique and will be a great conversation piece in any space.

    View this incredible dining set at our Aho Road location or ONLINE

    Dining set pictured includes the following;

    1- 79x35" dining table as shown

    4- reclaimed boat wood chairs

    1- reclaimed boat wood bench

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  • "People will stare....

    Make it worth their while."  ~ Harry Winston

    Delight your clients with all the different styles we can build for you, with dozens of hardwoods to choose from we can collaborate and create an amazing one-of-a-kind piece for home, office or restaurant.

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    Interested in carrying our one-of-a kind items in your shop?  Are you a designer needing the perfect statement piece? Or, do you see something you love and want one for every room?  Visit our accolades page for more information or email John Northrup directly to get your creative energy flowing in the right direction 

  • Find your Wood Whisperer and get inspired

    Ready to ship - this beautiful, handcrafted live edge coffee table made from a solid slab of 3" thick Parota wood floating on clear coat/raw hairpins. Measured at 66" long x 70" wide and 20" tall and finished with an eco friendly hard oil.

    The one thing we always get right is your vision.  Blowing Rock WoodWorks offers our designers a personal experience from concept to completion.  We understand that you have a million and one things on your punch list and the one thing you will not need to ponder is the incredible impact your signature furniture pieces will make.

  • Can you say... "Perfect coffee table?"

    How cool is this Lineberry cart! Originally from a furniture factory in North Carolina that closed down. All original cast iron hardware and solid oak frames are in great condition with original stenciling. Can you say perfect coffee table?
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  • Memories are built at Blowing Rock WoodWorks

    I know it looks great in the super awesome lifestyle photo

    Homemade pillows shaped like skateboards, cinder block and pallet furniture, treasures on the curb.  Okay, maybe pre 1990.  These days if it’s not on the computer with a button that changes it to any color I want - then forget it.  College students love the Ikea challenge.  Flat pack box at the door!?  All it takes is an allen wrench and an altered state and blammo - one time use furniture. 

    Hopefully you have fond memories of your roommate days and maybe you now realize it could be time to think a little more outside the box.

    Be one with your furniture?

    So, you think maybe you are officially grown up.  Scanning Wayfair, Overstock, All Modern or maybe just google image searching endlessly to get close. Alas, but no cookie.  You find something that kinda fits and could possibly inspire you to maybe call your cable company this year and threaten them with cancellation, but certainly not take you to Hollywood script writer status.  

    What now?  Call my brother-in-law that took a semester of interior design?  Admit defeat?  Hey, wait a minute...remember when craftsmen would build things out of wood with their hands for the sheer pleasure of creating?  I think they hang out online now.  Places like Etsy, CustomMade OR somewhere deep in the mountains of North Carolina.  

    If a tree could talk...wait it can, and it talks to John Northrup at Blowing Rock WoodWorks

    Deep in the mountains of North Carolina and of course online at you will find your perfect desk and dining table and just about anything you can dream of for your home, office or Hollywood studio.  The words, “It’s a friggin tree, people”, resound daily around our shop because we know each piece of wood we use to make our furniture has personality.  In most cases it is well over a hundred and fifty years old.  Imagine what kind of knots and bends and wrinkles you will have at that age.  If you understand things do get better with age then you can appreciate how magnificent a solid slab of walnut becomes when a furniture designer like John Northrup gets his hands on it.   Step out of the box and call, stop by or visit us online.  

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  • Perfect Seating from Blowing Rock WoodWorks

    Perfect Seating from Blowing Rock WoodWorks

    Looking for the perfect spot to relax can be a challenge. At Blowing Rock WoodWorks we believe all that is required is finding that perfect bench that inspires your rustic side, or your white washed walnut side, or maybe even your live edge wild side. Visit us in Blowing Rock North Carolina at 109 Aho Road and see some of our newest designs ready to take home or shop online at

  • Something Wonderful

    Something Wonderful

    Blowing Rock WoodWorks just completed this amazing Granadillo slab live edge entry way table and it is on display at our new showroom located at 109 Aho Road in Blowing Rock, NC. This one of a kind show piece has a rare 3 inch slab of Granadillo on top with an equally rare piece of Birdseye maple for the lower shelf. The legs are solid walnut squares that match perfectly. Visit today for a look at this great table before someone takes it home.

  • Aho Road Showroom OPEN!

    Aho Road Showroom OPEN!

    Blowing Rock WoodWorks is delighted to announce the opening of our new showroom.  It's time you took a trip to the mountains.  Visit 109 Aho Road in Blowing Rock, North Carolina today and see your favorites on display.