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About Us

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Fine woodworking products to use everyday

Living in the North Carolina mountains has its own inspirations and woodworking has become one for me. I love creating cutting board designs from various end grain patterns, to long grain counter tops. Although this is a product style work we do many custom projects around the world. We have been commissioned by global hotel/restaurants as well our work is carried nationally in various retailers. We are fortunate to work with designers from NYC to Malibu, CA. With the mindset to keep all materials recycled from the USA, after having enough broken pieces from over seas that have toxic properties that are destroying our planet. On all furniture pieces that Blowing Rock WoodWorks builds we use recycled, reclaimed or susstainable woods.

Reclaim, Recycle, Repurpose.
It’s these three words that motivate Blowing Rock WoodWorks to keep our passion alive in the USA. Because everything we build, is built by hand, and guaranteed for life. With a combination of reclaimed woods, fine woods all hand selected to ensure a beautiful heirloom piece. Keeping everything made in the USA is our mission and repurposing materials that will last forever only makes sense for sustainability. 

From smaller projects like a sushi board to larger projects like a 15 person rustic dining table you'll appreciate the thought that goes into each project, allowing for an heirloom your family will enjoy for years to come!

Thank you for stopping by our store and we look forward to working with you on your next project!

-Blowing Rock WoodWorks